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Scream it!

What if those personalities we know oh-so-well (Bill, Tom and David) were in relationships far more serious that we supposed them to be? The story of life, personal growth, love, hate, brotherhood, morality and choices, passions, pain and obsessions. The main line of the story - simply biographical. Sex and love and all the provocations are absolutely fictional and made for your satisfaction and by author`s weird imagination only. Counterfeit

Chapter 1

Could it be any other way?
David was asking himself sometimes. Especially on a day like today, when he was driving a car and yellow fields, faded in the summer sun, and dark green thickets of hop plant, white columns of windmills, forest islets and typical country houses flew by. Radio was playing quietly and AC pleasantly tickled his skin. Bill was sitting next to him in his bright blue T-shirt. His short hair was sticking up and black bangs were lowered on one eye. Bill was nervously jerking his leg and swinging his arms, helping himself to explain his producer in details why exactly today he can’t show up at the recording. And he wasn’t confused at all that the reason was the same as yesterday, and the day before yesterday. The reason was he didn’t want to meet his brother there.
- So, he did it. It makes no doubts he went there in spite of me. I told him «Tom, you can do it over my dead body only», but he did it anyway! If I didn’t tell him - he would be the first to yell, that he would shit a brick from that shitty place, but not in that case…You see? He did it in spite of me; he did it only because I told him not to! David!
- Yes. My name is David…- tanned man, with ash dark blonde hair, turned and looked at him. Bill got suddenly confused of man’s strange thin lipped grin, that didn’t reflect in his light blue clear eyes.
- Do you…understand me? - Boy repeated.
- Erm,…Bill, you see,... quite a number of nuances of your relationships with Tom remains far beyond the understanding for me, as for the ordinary inhabitant of the Planet Earth - said David, turning his head away, diligently looking onto the road, trying to suppress laugh with all his might, - obviously, because we are not as Sophisticated Result of the Evolution as you both.
- What the fuck... – Bill asked, pulling his head in shoulders. It seemed he hadn’t got a clue what David was talking about.
- Fuck the duck! - David replied with revengeful smile - in a word, yeah, it’s fucking cool.
- M-m-m, - disappointedly said Bill, understanding that the elder one was mocking him. He started fidgeting on leather seat of the car, on the right hand of David. Obviously, Bill was experiencing the inside fight of two opposite but equally strong desires. One of them was to stay silently offended, and the other one was to tell everything that was seething inside his heart about his twin. Obviously it turned out for Jost that the latter one of Bill`s desires have won. It was very interesting for David, what in the whole world could be stronger than this Bill`s desire…
- And besides, yesterday he met guys from the school, and one girl, the friend of ours, I was fucking amazed…I’ll tell you…
- Uh-huh…
From the time when Bill had pierced his tongue, he had this funny kind of lisping, but it hadn`t confused him at all, quite the opposite it made him unbelievably proud of himself. But that was the most amazing for David Jost it didn’t affect the speed of Bill’s speech. It sometimes seemed to him that Bill started speaking even faster. If it was ever possible! David honestly promised himself to listen to his monologue from the beginning to the end, but soon Bill`s voice plunged him into the state of trance like sounds of the ocean or a bird’s song. David stopped using words, reminding himself only to nod, from time to time, «Yes, I agree». Sometimes it worked out right.
- Uh-huh, - he said, glancing askance at Bill, who was nervously pulling bracelets on his left hand with black colored nails.
- David, I told him that he shouldn’t, that he should tell me, but he…
- Uh-huh, - said David.
- Ok-ok…Even if he decided, I`d be ok with that in the end, but he told me…, - Bill suddenly paused, breaking his phrase right in the middle.
- Uh-huh, - said David.
- David…
- Yes, honey?
- Are you listening to me?
David grinned, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel with the rhythm of the radio, playing lowly in the car and melancholically glanced in rear-view mirror:
- Like you care.
As expected, Bill got offended. He was sitting there, pouting and watching triangle plastic windmills through the car window with demonstrative enthusiasm. It was weird. Those mills were so damn typical, and it seemed like they have been cloned. Bill clenched his teeth, thoughtfully putting the tip of his tongue behind them, persistently trying to suppress involuntary irritation caused by sarcastically patronizing tone of the man driving the car. Finally, Bill managed himself to relax a little. He noisily breathed out and thoughtfully tickled corner of his mouth with tip of his tongue.
- Bill, don`t!
Bill glanced at David suspiciously. To be honest, he glanced at him threateningly, not in a good way. Gloomy and shortly he flashed with his jet-black eyes in the half-darkness of the car. David inaudibly prayed inside as if he saw a black cat on his way.
- I`m driving the car, Bill, - he murmured unexpectedly pitifully for himself, in a kind of apologetic tone, - you know, when you`re doing this kind of stuff…I just… can’t.
- What kind of stuff do you mean, David? - Bill raised left eyebrow, asking derisively. He slowly licked lower lip, chattered his teeth with metallic bead and the same slowly and even somehow indifferently bit with teeth bead of piercing bar in tongue.
- I mean exactly that kind!!- David sniffed angrily,- Where the hell are you hauling, jerk?- he signaled to dark-blue Opel, the car, he had cut off, that now was standing still and discouraged at the right turn, letting him forward.
He felt how it was starting to pulse inside his temples, becoming bigger with every push of blood in his veins, and it felt like warm wadding. He felt it growing, speeding up his breath with every beat of his heart. David grabbed the stick shift in attempt to keep his balance.
- Are we there yet? - Bill hit David’s hand with his knee, lazily moving his legs apart; - I’m fucking tired as a shit…
- What-da-hell, Bill!?
- Oops, Sorry, David!
- Watch you legs, dude!
- My car ain`t big enough for both of us…. Erm…I mean, YOUR car… I mean…I told you, David, I am sorry!
All the time later they spent in silence. David saw Bill was watching him the same askance and trying to do it unnoticeably. David grabbed his pack of cigarettes, without a single look. He took out the cigarette with his teeth and slowly checked all his pockets in search of lighter. Then he lighted up the cigarette.
- Give it to me, - demanded Bill as if not suspecting of any possibility to be turned down.
- You are too young to that, boy, - Jost revengefully breathed out smoke through his nose.
Unexpectedly for him Bill burst out laughing loudly.
- What? - David turned to him surprised. Bill stretched his hand, and touched Dave`s cheek just for a second, tinkled with bracelets on his thin wrist. The boy took the cigarette out of David`s mouth, inhaled then let out the smoke to the ceiling pouting his lips in a funny way.
- Asshole! - David shook his head, hiding his smile.
Soon they arrived to the city. Bill got out of car. He was trying to wrap himself with long sleeves of his T-shirt, although it was extremely hot outside from Jost`s point of view. Bill was waiting while David was parking his car. He seized the door’s handle only when he was convinced that the elder man got out of the car. They entered the studio together.
- Yo, wassup, dude! – Tom sincerely greeted his brother. Joyous and frank smile was spreading over his face like butter over the toast. Looking at him suspiciously, biting an agnail on his thumb Bill suddenly smiled in reply. Obviously, all their claims to each other were forgotten until the next occasion, surely expected soon.
- Funny-farm,- darkly concluded Jost, suddenly feeling as if he was not wanted there,- Go and work, lazybones, - he told laying his hand on Bill’s shoulder,- the Sun is still high.
He could swear that cheerful laugh of the twins was following him for a long time, while he was coming up to the second floor in his cabinet.


David believed it would always be like this. Red paper cup of cappuccino and Bill was sitting next to him on the floor, his shoulder against David’s shoulder, his hip against David’s hip. Bill`s sharp elbow was hitting him under his ribs occasionally, because Bill was telling him another story, helping himself with his both hands, swinging them in the air. David knew if he would tell Bill, that he looks like a windmill, he surely would get pissed off and he`d tell David why the fuck does he screwing him down always? David smiled and shook his head.
Georg passed by with a very concerned look on his face. Jost took his cup with half-cold coffee from the floor and made a sip. He didn’t need to turn his head to see Bill was attentively watching him drinking. David supposed Bill would ask him, whether he looks fine today.
- You smell so good. What is it? – asked Bill.
David choked over his coffee with surprise.
- Aftershave, - man said, coughing.
Bill poked his nose into David`s neck, into his neatly shaven chin and noisily inhaled. David shivered. He wanted to start back, feeling extremely awkward because his young ward had invoked a strange sensation inside his body with his tricks. He wanted to make it a joke. He even opened his mouth to say something silly or probably even harmful. But Bill half-opened his lips. David felt their arousing movement with his delicate skin, when the boy moaned slightly audibly in delight, exhaling. Oh, and it was audible enough for Jost, shit, he almost dropped the cup of coffee from his trembling fingers!
- O-oh,…s-o-oo good - Bill breathed out his tempting words, making every syllable draw white hot line right to the man’s groin. It doesn`t matter if Bill did it consciously or not, but David thought, he didn’t want this sensual feeling to go away, even if he wasn`t sure what he was looks like doing this stuff from the point of view of the others. They were not alone at the studio, for fuck’s sake!
- Oh shit, Bill, I’ve spoilt my trousers because of you …
Of course by mean case coffee must have spilled on his light coloured trousers. Jost got up swearing under his breath, he was heading to the bathroom. Damn! To work half a day with the spot on his trousers, he desperately hated it! For a second it seemed to him that someone was looking at his back, he suppressed this strange feeling, crossing hall, but it didn’t leave him and he turned round suddenly, seizing the handle of the bathroom door. Sidelong witchy glance of Tom, who lazily sprawled on his chair, slashed him a swinging blow. Having seen that Jost noticed it, Tom, was not confused and he didn’t lower his eyes. He thoughtfully continued to hold his guitar tightly, playing some plain chords, and he was staring Jost. It was more complicated to read his true emotions in his eyes than in the eyes of his twin brother, but the power of Tom’s emotions appeared to be too strong not to show up at all. Jost couldn’t comprehend the real meaning of this tension he started to feel between Tom and him. He raised his thumb up as if to show Tom that he was thrumming his guitar excellently. Funny, but Kaulitz have agreed with the proposed truce and his wide smile hid his emotions with impenetrable glass. He bowed several times showing his gratitude to Jost for his praise while Jost reached the bathroom, thinking about the nature of those strange emanations he definitely began to feel from Tom. Or rather from Bill. Or from Tom? From Bill and Tom. Those emanations obviously were caused by one reason, and the twins were perfectly aware of that, but they didn’t find it necessary to discuss it with the elder fellow. But David was sure that HE was the centre of those vibrations of the emotional ether. David Jost wasn`t sure, how serious were Bill`s intentions, but he wasn`t that stupid not to recognize, that the guy was tempting him and provoking him, however he suspected that it was made from the love to tempt and to provoke itself.

He knew Bill well. He knew the boy was playing with him. To play with his producer, the elder guy, that was the mania that incredibly pleased Bill`s self-respect. David was willing to yield to Bill, allowing him to push the limits further than it was necessary sometimes. To push the limits further than anyone would allow, anyone less self-confident than David. He knew this feeling would bind Bill to him more successfully than anything else. The feeling of control and dominance Bill was getting from his provocations. From his game. Perhaps, it was just the game for Bill. But Tom’s behavior was a real threat to all the fun because it was far too serious for childish sports. An ordinary cat-and-mouse game with Bill has suddenly become dangerous. Cat-and-mouse game has strict rules, but with Tom involved, all the rules could be violated and the entertainment could be converted into uncontrollable one.

David didn’t know what he has to fear the most, and it was the worst side of the whole situation. He didn’t feel any premonition who would hit him first. He could only pray this impact not to come from the both sides at the same time.
David wearily leaned against the mirror above the sink, built into the marble shelf in the bathroom, allowing cold glass to cool his hot forehead. Soon, his gloomy thoughts have gone. The nastiest side of Bill’s game was: David was giving him a cause for his flirting. And now David was standing there in the toilet paved with shiny white tiles, but feeling Bill’s half-opened lips on his neck, his warm breath over his skin, and hearing his sweet moans inside his ears. He suddenly got too concerned in how this bead in Bill’s tongue would feel if Bill would lick him on his neck. In fact almost immediately after that David was fascinated with the idea how this fucking bead would feel if Bill would lick him but not on his neck at all. His imagination was seriously carried away with the thoughts of Bill. He felt his excitement taking control over his body and his brains step by step, visualizing pictures more and more stimulating. He felt his heart start beating faster and faster, he felt he had lost his breath. He wish he could do this young flea right here in the studio bathroom, tearing off his trousers roughly from his skinny ass, bending him forward, setting his face against the fucking sink, to fuck him hard and fast, not paying attention to his screams and moans and weak attempts to resist. To give it to him, to give it hot. Do him hard, make it hurts, make him remember it. Remember him. This little motherfucker needs to learn his lesson well. He should know the price to pay for his games with the big guys and all the consequences.
- Jesus!
Now he was really in need to jerk off! What a shame!
David sighed heavily, turned on water and for a long time held his palm under cold stream before he finally started to spread the coffee spot on the very top of his hip covered with sandy trousers.
- David? - Bill’s tousled head showed up on the doorway.
- Huh?
- Are you ok?
- Oh, yeah… - Dave said dully.
Bill’s eyes became squinted.
- Where have you gone? – He asked, - we are waiting for ya.
- Is it necessary for me to ask you every time I need to visit the bathroom? - David asked, almost dripping poison.
- No, it is not…- Bill scratched his head, entered the toilet and closed the door.
Jost looked him up and down with indignant glance in the mirror and continued his hard work. He made water warmer, pushed the button of metering tank squeezing out some more soap into his hand. Meanwhile, Bill came closer to his manager and leaned on sink with his both hands. He was standing there, bulging out his ass and impatiently tapping his foot on the tiled floor. Bill’s eyes were fixed and following David’s hand. Impudently and persistently. From the tap to his hip. Staring and following every movement on David’s strong haunch up and down.
- What the hell are you staring at? - It sounded rude, but Davis couldn’t help it.
- Is it necessary for me to ask you every time I want to look at you? – Bill said.
Jost swore under his breath. But Bill didn’t know precisely what David had said. Actually Bill had an opinion he wouldn’t want to know everything in the world.
- Can I help you? - He asked the elder man in a mellow voice instead.
- You’ve already helped me with my coffee, - Jost peacefully hemmed. - What are you gonna do now?
Bill laughed shortly and in a deep voice. It made Jost feel creepy all over.
- Uhm, Any special preferences? - He hissed, emphasizing the word “special”.
- Dork, - said Jost and Bill laughed again.
Suddenly Bill pushed Jost away from the sink. In a moment his hand appeared on soaked spot on man’s trousers.
- C’mon, you can’t do it by yourself always…
Jost opened his mouth surprisingly. In fact he couldn’t do anything except standing there and watching what was going on. Bill squatted abruptly in front of him, with his knees widely apart, his hand continued to stroke David’s thigh slowly, burning the hole in his trousers, or it just seemed to Jost. Boy’s position was less ambiguous than oral sex in a porn movie. That was the reason why David closed his eyes, trying not to add more tease to his playful imagination. He just felt Bill’s hand sliding near his very fly, and the other hand squeezed his thigh from behind with his long and strong fingers. Carelessly he felt his blood concentrating in some well-known part of his body with every move Bill was making; he was sure, bulging out his trousers with every second more and more. He knew he couldn’t hide it, that’s why he suddenly stopped worrying about it, just enjoying the moment and letting his crazy thoughts to rush to their directions. And they were desperately in need to feel Bill laying his palm straightly on his zipper, continuing his persistent slow strokes. He needed Bill to undo his trousers and grab his hard cock with his thin girlish hand, squeeze his sensitive length and take him inside his sweet, half-opened lips. The movement on his thigh suddenly stopped, and David cautiously opened one eye. And the second eye. Bill was watching intently his dick full to bursting inside his trousers. David felt his blood rushed on his face, licked dried lips, finding somewhere in the very depth of his mind of the rest of his sense of humor.
- Gonna tell me how cool my trousers are? - He asked Bill.
Bill didn’t answer.
- Hello everybody, - Tom abruptly opened the door of the bathroom.
- Tom, it’s occupied, - not turning head to his twin Bill said. He didn’t change his position and refused to stop doing what he was doing. Obviously, he believed it was pretty normal.
- Fuck me sideways! Like I have to piss in the corners like a cat now… - Tom was so composed when he stood right to the urinal, he was undoing his trousers. During all process he was staring at Bill sitting against Jost`s groin with idle curiosity.
- What are you doing there? Anything… exciting? - Finally he asked.
- You’d better watch what you are doing, - Bill snapped, and it seemed he was not going to stand up.
- What I hadn’t seen there? – Tom objected.
- And what you hadn’t seen here?
Jost decided to stop until it would be too late. Blushing, stammering and bringing Bill’s hands from his hips, he told Tom all story of getting rid of coffee spot. To be honest not the whole story, just the official part. He took several paper napkins and without any result tried to dry his trousers somehow.
- And I, kinda, decided to help him to wipe off the spot, - Bill added.
David went out of bathroom, and the rest two made their way behind him in a tight row. Bill was followed by his twin-brother.
- You! Fucking Dorky Raccoon, huh? - Tom hissed to the back of his brother’s head sarcastically.


Chapter 2

Bill sprawled on a bed, staring at the ceiling darkly. There was a winding crack on the ceiling, which looked so much like the vein on Jost’s hand. He was looking at it, while their producer and mentor was yelling at him at today’s rehearsal. They have started this tour and it wasn’t easy for all of them. In fact, Jost hardly ever allowed himself such things, he never allowed himself to humiliate Bill, especially in front of other people, but today he lost it. Bill has barely restrained himself from throwing a microphone right into his stupid face. He finished the song and came down from the stage, saying he has a throat ache.
Seems like, after a break Jost realized that he must have gone too far. At least, he tried to somewhat make up to Bill, in his own manner.
– Want some tea? – he asked, landing on a bench next to Bill and pushing him with an elbow.
– Thank you, not really, – Bill didn’t even look at him, he seemed very offended. Jost scratched his bristly chin thoughtfully and sighed:
– Coffee?
Bill’s look poured him with contempt head to toe. Clearly, Jost attempts to make amends have failed. They had yet another fight at the last run through. This time Bill expressed his sincere indignation with ways in which Jost was conveying the information to him. Jost, who apparently didn’t like a single thing about this damn show, crossed his hands on his chest in displeasure and asked him:
– And you thought you got into a fairy tale, or something?
It is unknown, what exactly Bill thought. Because he didn’t tell them. He just opened his mouth out of surprise. Then he closed it. Then he commanded in a steely voice:
– Next song, – and Gustav counted the rhythm with his sticks.
Jost left the room in a rapid pace and slammed the door behind him.

It was a terribly tiring day, boys realized how exhausted they were only when they entered the hotel and took an elevator to their floor. Bill kept quiet all the way. He silently pushed the door, silently entered the room. Then he silently collapsed on the bed in his shoes, obviously angry, furiously biting his lips. Sickeningly cheerful Tom entered the room after him, hiding a smirk under the peak of his baseball cap. Heaven knows, what made him so happy, but his feelings were impossible to neglect. He stopped near the bed, looking at Bill’s discontented profile with a dark satisfaction. Bill purposely and demonstratively was looking in the opposite direction. Tom kept watching him for a couple more minutes. Then he got bored and yawned lazily, opening his mouth wide, like a tiger in a circus showing his bared teeth to an animal-trainer. In one long jump, he sprang onto the bed, not quite intentionally hitting Bill sensitively under his ribs with a knee and almost breaking Bill’s hand by crashing on the bed next to him.
For good fifteen minutes, they were yelling at each other at the top of their voices, swearing and remembering all things they could and could not, including Tom’s jump and number of things that were completely unrelated to it. Suddenly, Gustav’s outraged roar from behind the wall interrupted them:
All of a sudden, twins replied him with a joyful roar of laughter. Jost was right, eastern- european hotels had astonishingly thin walls.
– SOZZLES, GUSSIE! – shouted Tom hoarsely, raising his voice.
Bill hid his face in a pillow, suffocating with laughter. Looking at him, Tom started laughing again. This view was so hilarious, Tom laughed till the tears came. They lay on the bed for a while, trying to catch their breath.
– Wouldn’t it be great to have some cognac now? Like… a mug of it… – suddenly drawled Bill sensually.
– Do you have some? – asked Tom quickly.
Instead of answering Tom’s question, Bill swiftly jumped of the bed and bend over his bag that was lying nearby. He rummaged through his belongings thoughtfully, dragging out a couple of jeans, and finally, with a triumphant look on his face, he pulled out a big glass bottle of cognac.
Tom gave a whistle.
– So, who’s the boss? – asked Bill, putting his hand on his waist and posing proudly with the bottle.
– Master! – Tom rolled his eyes in religious ecstasy and gave him a low bow, bumping his head into the bed, – Where the hell did you get this one?
– I took it from drunken Jost, – Bill replied.
– Ha, – smiled Tom, – God bless him…
Bill unscrewed the bottle’s lid with a squeak and held out the bottle to Tom.
– What, from a bottle? – asked Tom, bewildered.
– Why? Should we keep looking at it? – shrugged Bill quite reasonably and climbed back onto the bed.
– Oh… you… fucking… fuck, – breathed Tom with tears in his eyes, after the first burning gulp. After a short breather, he drank almost a quarter of the bottle at once and handed over the cognac to his brother.
Bill took a few sips and winced.
– Yuck, – he said.
– Give it back then, – noticed Tom reasonably, trying to take away the bottle from his younger brother.
– Fuck you! – exclaimed Bill indignantly, threw back his head and put the bottle to his mouth for a much longer time now. Soon enough though, Tom got hold of the bottle again.
Bill threw off his sneakers and lay on the bed. He leaned back on pillows and smiled blissfully.
– So warm, – he stroked his stomach with delight, feeling the liquid flame from the bottle spreading slowly throughout his body, warming him up more and more. He giggled, – It tickles.
These last words immediately triggered a new thrilling idea in Tom’s mind. Inspired by it, giggling Tom crawled closer to Bill, with the bottle still tightly squeezed in his hand, and stuck up Bill’s t-shirt. Then, ignoring brother’s protesting “Hey!”, Tom placed his hand on Bill’s bare stomach, rose the paunchy bottle to his lips and said:
– Ts-s-s, be quiet, or evil Gustav will come and fuck us up.
Bill burst out laughing, taking no heed of warnings of his older and wiser by ten minutes brother. Tom smirked insidiously, and, choosing the moment when Bill would expect it the least, started tickling his stomach. Bill tried to break free, he tossed and turned, struggling to kick Tom off with his legs and howling with all his might. However, Tom’s maniacally stubborn resistance was not that easy to break.
Suddenly, a persistent knocking at the door interrupted their fuss. Twins set up on the bed at once. Knocking, or more like hammering, repeated.
Tom climbed off the bed first and went to the door in complete silence. Bill followed. The elder brother carefully opened the door and stuck his head outside.
– Oh, fuck, Gussie, man… – he cheerfully greeted the uninvited guest, who was standing in front of him barefooted, nearly au naturel, with nothing but a short white bathrobe covering him. Gustav was furious. Even his short spiky hair seemed to radiate danger.
– I will fuck you up, – assured them the blonde guy scowling darkly at Tom.
– Promises, promises, – said Bill nastily, rising on his tip-toes, putting his chin on top of Tom’s head and appearing in a doorway. He virtually lied on Tom with all his weight.
Gustav smirked out of surprise, but kept frowning nevertheless, either not fully awake, or out of importance.
– Quiet, woman, go back to the kitchen, – Tom tried to kick his brother, to make him get off his back, but to his misfortune, missed, and received a weighty kick in the ass.
– Bullshit! – Said Bill, – maybe I am… a girl still, yeah! Gustav, stop laughing, do you want some cognac?
– Fuck yeah! – exclaimed the husky blond guy, astonished by the wording of the question. Twins jumped back at once, flinging the door wide open and letting Gustav inside the room.
– We should call Georg, – pompously pronounced Gustav, - he’ll get touchy.
– Wait, – said Bill and grabbed a phone from a bedside table, - how did it go?..Three, five, two? Yup… got it. Good Morning Georg!.. What do you say? It’s not morning yet?.. Yes, I love you too, Georg… Georg, stop nagging… I said stop nagging! Take your fat ass off your bed and come here. We’ve got booze!.. Girls? No, no girls. Only Gustav in a bathrobe… Yes, bathrobe only, nothing else. And just for your information, he looks damn hot in mini, you should check him out! F-f-fuck… Nah, I’m not breathing seductively, that’s Gussie-poo trying to choke me. Wanna help him out? Well all right then, I’m waiting!
Georg materialized in front of their door in a twinkling of an eye, like a fairy, wearing a skulled T-shirt, wide garish boxers and shabby snickers with no socks on. Two bottles of sparkling wine were squeezed in his hands.
– Seized these beauties at the press conference yesterday, – he answered proudly the unspoken question in their eyes.
– Not bad, huh, – said Tom with a whistle.
– And no one noticed you? How did you carry them out? – asked Gustav suspiciously, rising one brow in disbelief.
– In my pants, – grinned Georg. Bill burst out laughing, and Tom after him, – Well, comrades, should we drink for tomorrow’s gig?

And they drank. Oh hell, they drank. Oh how devilishly plastered they got that night. They fell asleep right there, in the same room. Tom was snuffling in an armchair, with his head on one arm of the chair, his one foot hanging from another arm and his other leg reclining on the glass table. Gustav was sleeping on the floor, wrapped up in a bathrobe, using a suitcase as a pillow. Bill and Georg were sleeping on the bed, moreover, Georg for some reason was holding Bill gently across his stomach, and his head was buried in Bill’s shoulder. At about 1 pm Jost, whose face was white and deformed with fury, interrupted this idyll. He opened the door with a help of hotel concierge, who was practically carried to the door by bodyguards.
He shook Bill, who was still drunk and tried to drag him out of Georg’s sleepy embrace.
– Get up, you scum, and brush yourself up, you’ve got a gig… – Jost hissed at him. Bill was resisting, he murmured that he does not give a shit about the gig and he doesn’t feel good in general.  
– If you do not get up now, I give you my word, I will make you regret it! – Said Jost severely.
– Go fuck yourself, – surprisingly legibly and loudly articulated Bill. So loudly, that Tom almost fell out of the chair, forgetting where he was, wide-awake. Blood rushed to Jost’s face. Tom even tried to crawl closer, to try if not safe, but at least sell his and his brother’s life at a good price, but lifeguards pushed him away. Infuriated Jost literally dragged Bill off the bed and hauled him towards the bathroom. However, when he released the guy’s arm, he found out that he can’t stand on his feet. Jost’s rage tripled his strengths, so he simply lifted Bill from the floor like a bit of fluff, and carried him into the bathroom in his arms.
Gustav rubbed his eyes, as if trying to understand, whether this was happening for real or he was still asleep. The roar of water pealed from behind the bathroom door, followed by splashing, Jost’s thunderous swearing, weak Bill’s meowing and a clatter of falling bottles or hell knows what.
When they heard Jost’s hoarse howl:
– You bitch!!! Let go of the curtain!!! – Gustav and Tom exchanged looks, because a deafening rumble with which the metal rod, that was holding the shower curtain, smashed against the tiled floor instantly followed the howl.
The head of their personal security, a tall and thickset man in glasses, tactfully guided the dumbstruck concierge, who seemed so tiny next to him, out of the room. Soon enough, Jost’s bodyguards left the room as well. Noise from the bathroom continued for a while.
– THE WATER IS COLD! – Bill cried, – I … I’VE GOT AN A-QUA-PHO-BI-A!
They didn’t even try to make out Jost’s answer. They would have to go too deep into etymology of the words used by the adult man.
However, before long it got suddenly quiet.
– Did he kill him? – Asked Gustav cautiously.
Tom picked his nose thoughtfully and said:
– He could.
– Mama mia, – said Georg, scratching his knee.
Shortly, the door opened and revealed Jost, who went out of the bathroom staggering and stumbling, literally dripping with water. The water was streaming from his suit, his shirt, his hair, trickling down on the floor. His face was still deformed with anger, so boys hopped up of their sits at his sight, just in case. Tom hopped up as well, but he regretted that at once, because such an intensive physical activity was definitely far too much for his stomach.
– So, – asked Jost, inspecting darkly the three off them, – Does anyone else not feel good?
– We’re fine, we’re cool, – said Tom turning a gentle shade of green, and asking God for just one thing: for Jost to leave as soon as possible.
Bill appeared in the doorway looking freshened up and even showing some pink. He was swaying a little, but he could walk by himself at least. For some reason, swaying Bill caused a revolution in Tom’s stomach. All of a sudden, he rashly moved Jost aside with his hand, pushed Bill away from the door and dashed into the demolished bathroom.

They had no idea how, but in some miraculous way, they had played the gig that day. Well, at least the pictures they have seen later showed the evidence to the fact that they had been there. None of them could remember how they managed to stand. Bill fell asleep right in the minivan, on the way to their hotel, innocently burying his nose in Jost’s shoulder. Jost carefully took off his jacket from his one hand, then, cautiously supporting boy’s head, from another, and then he covered the boy with the jacket and, making sure that no one was looking anyway, pressed him to his heart with both of his hands.

Ankhesenpaaten Ra ©
Translation: Ejica, Ankhesenpaaten Ra, Sinistral Unicorn