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We are glad to welcome you to Ankh.ru, the personal website that belongs to Ankhesenpaaten Ra (somewhere known as Blonde Beastie), an ideologist and author of several novels about Depeche Mode and Tokio Hotel published in English and many others published in Russian.
First of all, she is known for Sex. Pain. Angel. Love, a novel about complex interactions inside a Depeche Mode band, including love triangle and over 30 years of history of love, sex and devotion. You can read Sex. Pain. Angel. Love HERE

We are happy to announce the opening of a new section of our website and a new novel by Ankhesenpaaten Ra, both dedicated to His Infernal Majesty Ville Hermani Valo from the finnish band called HIM and his biggest fan - a jackass, pro-skater and a talented businessman Bam Margera.
Ice and flame, tenderness and passion, love and a decade-long friendship, all of these in Ankhesenpaaton Ra's new breath-taking novel Eros vs Thanatos: Whoever wins... We lose. The translation is in proccess, so check back for updates!

Good news everyone! We opened the Fan art section in our galleries! Check it out!

At this moment the next novel about Depeche Mode “WANT” (which is dedicated to Alan Wilder’s perception of the story) is being translated into English. Check the website for updates!

We apologise that only few of our sections are available in English yet, and that is the Depeche Mode Section. Be sure, the work is on progress. We are working on translation of other sectioins of our website as well, but it needs a lot of time. If you can help us with the translation - we will be thankfull for your kindness till the end of our days.

If you wanna offer your help, or ask me something, feel free to shoot me an email here: ankh.ru@yandex.ru
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